Digital Twin & CyberSecurity

CyberSecurity has had a long roadmap of trying to Quantify ROI (Return On Investment), this is an easy story if an organization has had the misfortune of being breached or compromised, but what if you haven’t?

How do put a price tag on CyberSecurity spend? What is Insurance worth to you?

Imagine the scenario where these are easily addressed and answered questions. If you can safely and securely duplicate and digitally twin your operational processes, wouldn’t it be a sound idea to run simulations on that twinned data? You can now quantify Business Interruption down to the penny. Find the operational holes in secure out-of-band data, crash the virtual process, bring it up again without any fear of real world impact.

When the organization fundamentally understands the process, security becomes a bi-product and BI (Business Interruption) becomes quantifiable thus creating a real tangible ROI (Return On Investment).

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