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Icarus is an innovative flexible tool that provides security teams with real-time full packet capturing of their operational traffic.  Utilizing next-gen compression algorithms and pressure sensitive protocols for latency sensitive, bandwith constrained environments Icarus RTS provides an out-of-band secure digital twin of the data from highly distributed environments.  This lightweight software solution has the ability to provide insight to diverse geo located assets in a scalable and affordable way.  Utilizing passive capturing technology, icarus has the ability to relay real-time local network traffic to a pipelined centralizer that will then reproduce the traffic allowing the user to have full network visibility to their remote sites.

If you have hundreds, or even thousands of remote sites that require monitoring, icarus simplifies the way you capture, forward, and replay network traffic back into a localized network segment. With easy to use plug & play functionality, utilizing back pressure sensitive protocol technology to throttle data transmission to guarantee zero link saturation.

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